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Dead Draw, 2015

Revolution Study , 2015

Reconfigure Mapping, 2017

Pas, 2013

Co-directed with Courtney Harris.

This short satirical parody extends upon the ballet tradition of utilizing animal imagery to represent codified steps. 

Stay, 2014

Experiments with a GoPro and some trees and some gravity.

Experiment Jumping in Red, 2014

Hardware (Trailer), 2012

Gender trouble. 

Unofficial Flo+Mach Music Vid, 2011

Playing with friends and lip-syncing 

Happy Hour, 2008

A choose-your-own-ending video created during undergrad days at VCU

What's What, 2014

Co-directed with Courtney Harris.

Featuring Dr. Cool Ethan

This short film itegrates the filmmaking styles of Busby Berkley with early avant-garde gender-bending performance.

Limestone Erotics, 2015

Because desire is not just a human thing.

Missing the Boat, 2014

Experiments in animating sounds and jumps.

In Another Place Video Installation, 2025

A ceiling projection that accompanied a 45-minute long performance

Unititled Loop, 2013

Dream cycles

Abandon/Go, 2012

Because sometimes it's time to get the f*uck out

Living Room Duet for One Dancer, 2014

Experiements in crafting a duet for one body.

An Elephant in Paris, 2013

My partner was at a conference so I ran around and made this. 


Experiments in unison

Solo B for Yvonne R, 2014

Inspired by trio A (duh)

Weight, 2011 (Trailer)

First feature!

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