miraging, 2018

Dancers: Charli Brissey, Catalina Hernandez, Em Pike, Chloe Nagle, Natalie Stehly, Daisy Rueda

Sound: Jake Metz

Run Time: 50 minutes

Photos: Natalie Fiol

This project came out of my thesis work at the University of Illinois, and has manifested into a practice that continues into most all of my research endeavors. I considered it an experimental methodology more that a static "thing" that gets performed the same way each time. This research looks at the entanglements of matter and relationality between human and non-human agents, and uses choreography as a method to develop exploratory infrastructures that reflect and challenge non-Dance movement systems as a means of learning more about them. For examples, in of this project we created choreographic patterns that mirror the phenomenon of diffraction patterns, investigating the choreography of diffraction as a potentially rich site for unearthing infrastructures that necessitate difference as essential to their ongoing existence. Difference, or "diversity" is not an external consideration, but is a fundamental internal component to what keeps the system alive. Sameness = death.

Other sites of interest include the porous materiality of desire and bodily constitutions, object-human relationships and affect, and using performance as a means of learning how to negotiate moments of failure and/or uncertainty in live time. 


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